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My name is Tina Stone of Rootfolk Serendipity. I am an aspiring community herbalist (I say aspiring not to demean myself, but out of respect for the craft) and I live near Detroit, Michigan with my husband Daniel and our eight kids. I wildcraft and make many herbal potions and handcrafts in small batches with organic and local ingredients (local and wildcrafted whenever possible).  I love nature, herbalism, books, history, art, and music.  I have especially focused on children's education the past 20 years and my greatest desire is for children to have a love of nature and a sense of wonder and magic about the creation around us.  I also want every child and person to know their value and preciousness as they find their place in the world.  

I find it very empowering to make my family's own medicine, cleaners, toiletries, and nourishing foods.  This has been a very enjoyable, affordable, and health supporting journey to make more and more things by myself and to know exactly what ingredients are in what I make and how they will impact my body (chai, tea blends, salves, creams, poultices, tinctures, bone broths, curries, kombucha, ginger beer, elderberry syrup, laundry soap, toners, household cleaners, etc.).  I also enjoy teaching friends and neighbors about herbalism - the "medicine of the people".  I can and will sell my potions to others, but even more I would love to educate and empower people to care for their own family's health themselves and keep this knowledge spreading - giving families the dignity and delight of caring for their own health.  Herbalism is an affordable, sustainable, and wonderful lifestyle - a way to nourish your body and soul.  Several generations ago it was common knowledge in many families how to nourish and build up your body's health with local herbs in cooking and homemade medicines as well as home and body care.  Much of that knowledge was lost in our culture, but the herbal resurgence of the past few decades has been a most exciting regeneration of important and treasured ancient knowledge.   Modern allopathic medicine is certainly amazing and has done many things to enhance our health and extend our life and there is no conflict between using herbalism for daily health maintenance, colds and flu, natural care of the home and body, and then to save more invasive and pharmaceutical measures for when they are needed.  There is no need to pick one or the other of these therapies as they are both extremely valuable.  Herbal medicine has empowered me to take direct responsibility for my own health and make as many choices as I can as far as what I ingest and put on my body myself.  I can say that herbalism has enhanced my health immeasurably and I feel the direct results (although they are often not instant), and the sense of wonder, awe, and therapy in the process of enjoying nature and the plants and all their amazing qualities is also a great part of the journey.

Several years ago I completed a local herbal intensive course all over SE MI parks with Jim McDonald who is an extremely awesome local herbalist from White Lake (I would highly recommend taking any class you can from him). I have also studied the with Margi Flint as well as several other online and book courses with 7Song, Rosemary Gladstar, and Heather Nic an Fleishdier.  Western Herbalism is the take on herbalism I enjoy most, but gathering insights from other models throughout the world is also a great confirmation when fabulous similar herbal ideas are confirmed in other cultures' traditions.  I love that midwives of old often used only a handful of herbs but knew them inside and out and would make a remedy for whoever they visited from what they could gather in that person’s yard! What a lot we can do with just a little bit of understanding. Just learning one plant and all its uses can be a positive step towards improvement in your family's health.  Starting with a little bit of knowledge and adding one change to your family can go a long way and be a great start to a healing journey.  

I am not ready to work with complex or difficult cases, but everyday first aid, colds and flu, nourishing infusions (an inexpensive and healthier version of a daily vitamin and mineral supplement), cleaning and herbal body care products, as well as adding herbs to homemade cooking recipes, I do have a lot to say about.  I certainly can refer you to other herbalists with more experience if you have a complex question and hopefully someday as I gain more knowledge I will be able to be that herbalist.  But this in no way minimizes the extensive benefit that everyday kitchen herbalism knowledge can hugely impact your health for the better.  I'd love to share with you what has benefitted our family.
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