Handmade herbs & potions.
I’m Tina Stone of Root Folk Serendipity. I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband Daniel and our eight kids. We have a 10 acre farm where we wildcraft and make many herbal potions and handcrafts. Our latest excitement is adding 37 chickens back into our farm this year... they are on the gardening team - preparing garden beds and working the compost for us.

Last year I completed a local herbal intensive course with Jim McDonald who is an extremely awesome local herbalist from White Lake. I'm making medicines for my own family and I'm happy to share what I can in the way of information and homemade goodness with others interested in the plants around us that can bring healing. Keep in mind that midwives of old often used only a handful of herbs but knew them inside and out and would make a remedy for whoever they visited from what they could gather in that person’s yard! What a lot we can do with just a little bit of understanding. Just learning one plant and all its uses can be super empowering.

We make our own tinctures, salves, creams, herbal sprays, laundry soap, castile essential oil spray cleaners, and various other products that are excellent for your health and really fun to use. I have enjoyed over the years finding homemade natural choices for as many medicinal and practical uses around the house as I can.
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Welcome to the Root Folk Serendipity website!  We are based near Ann Arbor, Michigan and we look forward to getting to know  you.  

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Our products can be found at the Mustard Seed Co-op in South Lyon, MI, Misty Farm Events in Ann Arbor, MI and diretly from us!

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